Course Syllabus

The Mixed Practice Acupuncture Course is divided into five sessions (two online and three on-site).  Online sessions are available for on-demand streaming for about a two-month period.  On-site sessions are held on the Chi Campus in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Spain. During on-site sessions, Mixed Practice students attend Equine classes, and then watch the Small Animal portion of the lectures online.  The course spans over a seven-month period.  Please go to Schedule and Tuition to view specific course dates.

Please note that while general course themes will remain the same, specific topics and speakers listed in the syllabus below may be subject to change.

A general session overview is provided below: 

Session 1 online

 1Course Introduction and History of Veterinary AcupunctureDr. Shen Xie
 2What is Acupuncture?Dr. Shen Xie
 3-4Veterinary Acupuncture: Scientific Basis (Parts 1 & 2)Dr. Roger Clemmons
 5Yin-YangDr. Cheryl Chrisman
 6Eight PrinciplesDr. Cheryl Chrisman
7-8Five ElementsDr. Cheryl Chrisman
9-10Zang-Fu PhysiologyDr. Roger Clemmons
11-12Channels and MeridiansDr. Shen Xie
13-16General Rules of AcupunctureDr. Shen Xie 
17-18Indications for Veterinary AcupunctureDr. Shen Xie 
19How to Start your Acupuncture Practice: Cookbook (Equine)Dr. Carla Pasteur
20How to Integrate Acupuncture into your Practice (Equine)Dr. Carla Pasteur
19AHow to Start your Acupuncture Practice: Cookbook (Small Animal)Dr. Greg Todd
20AHow to Integrate Acupuncture into Your Practice (Small Animal)Dr. Greg Todd

Session 2 On-site

9:00-11:00Five Elements and Zang-Fu PhysiologyAcupuncture Needling TechniquesMix Point LabEquine Musculoskeletal Case Studies; How to Practice Acupuncture in Horses
11:30-1:30Five-shu Transporting Points, Source Points, Back-shu and Front-mu points, Influential Points Other Special Points; TCVM Diagnosis Intro (EQ) How to Treat Equine Cases (Demo)
1:30-3:00Lunch Break  Class Ends
 3:00-4:30Mix Point LabMix Point LabLameness Overview 
   Acupuncture for Lameness Part 1 
 5:00-7:00  Acupuncture for Lameness Part 2 
   Neurological Disorders

Session 3 Online

 1-4Five Treasures: Qi, Blood, Shen, Jing, Body Fluid Physiology and PathologyDr. Cheryl Chrisman
 5-8TCVM DiagnosisDr. Cheryl Chrisman
 9-10Eight Extraordinary ChannelsDr. Huisheng Xie
 11-12Etiology and PathologyDr. Huisheng Xie
 13How to Select AcupointsDr. Huisheng Xie
Small Animal Portion  
 14-15How to Make a TCVM Diagnosis (Dry Lab)Dr. Huisheng Xie
16-17Acupuncture for Neurological DisordersDr. Roger Clemmons
18How to Approach Clinical CasesDr. Greg Todd
19-20How to Improve Acupuncture ResultsDr. Greg Todd
21-23Small Animal Cases: TCVM Approach   Dr. Connie DiNatale
Equine Portion  
 14aEquine Acupuncture TechniquesDr. Huisheng Xie
 15-17aAcupuncture for Equine LamenessDr. Huisheng Xie
 18-19aEquine Special Conditions Dr. Huisheng Xie
 20a How to Approach Clinical CasesDr. Carla Pasteur
 21aHow to Improve Acupuncture ResultsDr. Carla Pasteur
 22aEquine Cases: TCVM ApproachDr. Huisheng Xie

Session 4 On-site

 9:00-11:00A Quick Review from Sessions 1 to 3 How to Treat Renal FailureHerbal IntroMix Point LabAcupuncture for Cancer; Feline Acupuncture
 11:30-1:30How to Treat Heart Failure and Behavioral ProblemsExotic and Avian Acupuncture (lecture and demo) Case Studies from Students
 1:30-3:00Lunch Break  Class Ends
 3:00-4:30Mix Point LabMix Point LabAcupuncture for Liver Diseases 
 5:00-7:00  How to Treat Skin Problems; Acupuncture for Immune-Mediated Diseases 

Session 5 ON-site

 9:00-11:00Zang-Fu Physiology and Pathology: Spleen, Lung and LiverZang-Fu Physiology and Pathology: Kidney and Heart; Overview. How to Sell TCVMHow to Treat Reproductive Disorders: Equine Cases, a TCVM approachWritten Final Exam
 11:30-1:30  Intro to Food Therapy, Intro to Tui-na 
 1:30-3:00Lunch Break  Class Ends
 3:00-4:30Wel-Lab Acupoint ReviewWel-Lab Acupoint ReviewClinical Acupoint Exam