Course Syllabus

The Mixed Practice Acupuncture Course is divided into five sessions: two entirely online and three on-site with a online portion.

Online sessions are available for streaming on-demand by the student, between 2 to 4 months each session.

On-Site sessions are held on the Chi Campus in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Spain.

During on-Site sessions, Mixed Practice students attend Equine classes, and then watch the Small Animal portion of the lectures online.

The course spans over a seven-month period. Please go to Schedule and Tuition to view specific course dates.

Please keep in mind that the main content topics will remain constant. However, the instructors named and the order of the topics in our program may change. You can see the general description of our course below:

Please note that while general course themes will remain the same, specific topics and speakers listed in the syllabus below may be subject to change.

Session 1 online: available january 20th to april 22nd

 1Introduction and History of Veterinary AcupunctureDr. Shen Xie
 2What is Acupuncture?Dr. Shen Xie
 3-4Veterinary Acupuncture: Scientific Basis (Parts 1 & 2)Dr. Roger Clemmons
 5Yin-YangDr. Cheryl Chrisman
 6Eight PrinciplesDr. Cheryl Chrisman
7-8Five ElementsDr. Cheryl Chrisman
9-10Zang-Fu PhysiologyDr. Roger Clemmons
11-12Channels and MeridiansDr. Shen Xie
13-16General Rules of AcupunctureDr. Shen Xie 
17-18Indications for Veterinary AcupunctureDr. Shen Xie 
19How to Start your Acupuncture Practice: Cookbook (Equine)Dr. Carla Pasteur
20How to Integrate Acupuncture into your Practice (Equine)Dr. Carla Pasteur
19AHow to Start your Acupuncture Practice: Cookbook (Small Animal)Dr. Greg Todd
20AHow to Integrate Acupuncture into Your Practice (Small Animal)Dr. Greg Todd

Session 2 Online: available from april 1st to april 22nd

 1 - 2Five Elements and Zang Fu physiologyDr. Huisheng Xie
 3 - 4Five -Shu Transpoting PointsDr. Huisheng Xie
 5 - 6 Other Special Point and TCMV Diagnosis Intro Dr. Huisheng Xie
 7 - 8 How to Treat Canine Diseases Dr. Stacie Atris
 9 - 10 How to Treat Gastrointestinal DisordersDr. Michael Bartholomew
11 -12 How to Treat Respiratory DisordesDr. Michael Bartholomew
13 - 14How to Treat Bi/Wei Syndromes,Osteoarthritis and IVDDDr. Huisheng Xie
15 - 16Small Animal Acupuncture Cases - DemoDr. Michael Bartholomew
17Equine Acupuncture TechniquesDr. Huiseng Xie 
18 - 20Acupuncture for Equine LamenessDr. Huisheng Xie 
21 - 22How to Treat Equine CasesDr. Vickie Harvey

Session 2 On-site: from thursday april 23rd to saturday 25th

 8:30 to 9:00Registration Tai-jiTai-ji
9:00 to 11:00 Review Session 1: TCVM Fundamental Principles Bubble Chart part 1: Five-shu Command Points, Transporting Points,Source Points,
Back-shu and Front-mu Points and Other Special Points
How to Treat Equine Lameness with Acupuncture
11:00 to 11:30Coffee Break Coffee BreakCoffee Break
11:30-13:30How to make TCVM DiagnosisHow to Start your Integrative TCVM PracticeHow to Treat Back Problems and Neurological disorders on Equines
 13:30-15:00Lunch BreakLunch BreakLunch Break
15:00 to 19:00Labs with dogs (2 hours)
and Labs with horses (2 hours)
Labs with dogs 15:00 to 18:00: Horse Labs
18:00 to 19:00 Demo with live animals,
"How to Scan and Insert needles on horses"

Session 3 online: available from april 27th to july 31

 1 - 4 Five Treasures: Qi, Blood, Shen, Jing, Body Fluid Physiology and PathologyDr. Cheryl Chrisman
 5 - 8TCVM DiagnosisDr. Cheryl Chrisman
 9 - 10Eight Extraordinary ChannelsDr. Huisheng Xie
 11 - 12Etiology and PathologyDr. Huisheng Xie
 13How to Select AcupointsDr. Huisheng Xie
Small Animal Portion  
14 - 15How to Make a TCVM Diagnosis (Dry Lab)Dr. Huisheng Xie
16 - 17Acupuncture for Neurological DisordersDr. Roger Clemmons
18How to Approach Clinical CasesDr. Greg Todd
19 - 20How to Improve Acupuncture ResultsDr. Greg Todd
21 - 23Small Animal Cases: TCVM Approach   Dr. Connie DiNatale
 24Exotic Animal Acupunctura (Lecture and Demo)Dr. Cindy West
 25Avian Acupuncture (Lecture and Demo)Dr. Cindy West
Equine Portion  
 14aEquine Acupuncture TechniquesDr. Huisheng Xie
 15 - 17aAcupuncture for Equine LamenessDr. Huisheng Xie
 18 - 19aEquine Special Conditions Dr. Huisheng Xie
 20a How to Approach Clinical CasesDr. Carla Pasteur
 21aHow to Improve Acupuncture ResultsDr. Carla Pasteur
 22aEquine Cases: TCVM ApproachDr. Huisheng Xie
 23a Equine Antonomy for AcupuncturistDr. Carla Pasteur

Session 4 Online: available from 1st of agust to september 2nd

 1 A Quick Review from Sessions 1 to 3 Dr. Shen Xie
 2 How to Treat Renal Failure Dr. Shen Xie
 3How to Treat Heart FailureDr. Shen Xie
 4How to Treat Behavioral Problems Dr. Shen Xie
Small Animal Portion  
5 - 6 Herbal IntroductionDr. Cindy West
7 Food Therapy IntroductionDr. Cindy West
8 - 9 Acupuncture for the LiverDr. Shen Xie
10 - 11 How to Treat Skin ProblemsDr. Shen Xie
12 - 13 Acupuncture for Cancer  Dr. Shen Xie
 14 - 15 Feline AcupunctureDr. Shen Xie
 16 Case Studies form Students Dr. Shen Xie
17 - 18 Avian AcupunctureDr. Cindy West
19 Exotic Animal Acupuncture Dr. Cindy West
Equine Portion  
 20 - 21 How to Treat GI Disorders Dr. Shen Xie
 22 - 23 How to Treat Respiratory Problems Dr. Shen Xie
 24 How to Treat Bi and Wei Syndrome Dr. Allison Faber Marshall
 25  Acupuncture for Sports Medicine Dr. Allison Faber Marshall
 26 How to Understand Herbal MedicineDr. Allison Faber Marshall
 27 How to Start your Herbal Practice Dr. Allison Faber Marshall
 28  How to Treat Cushing´s DiseaseDr. Carla Pasteur
 29  How to Treat Other Endocrine DisordersDr. Carla Pasteur
 30  Acupuncture for Liver DiseasesDr. Carla Pasteur
 31  Acupuncture for Skin DiseasesDr. Carla Pasteur

Session 4 On-site: from thursday september 3rd to saturday 5th

 8:30 to 9:00Registration Tai-jiTai-ji
9:00 to 11:00 A Quick Review from Session 1 to 3, tutoring Horse Lab: point location at horse barnDogs Lab: point location at dog´s facilities
11:00 to 11:30Coffee Break Coffee BreakCoffee Break
11:30-13:30Review from 1 to 3, tutoringHorse Lab: point location at horse barnDemo labs with dogs patients. Diagnose and treat the patient
 13:30-15:00Lunch BreakLunch BreakEND OF CLASS
15:00 to 19:00Labs with dogs Demo live with horse patients. Diagnose and treat the patient

Session 5 ONline: available from september 6th to november 4th

 1A Quick Review from Sessions 1 to 4Dr. Shen Xie
 2 - 3 Acupuncture for Endocrine Disorder (Small Animals) Dr. Shen Xie
 4 - 5 Acupuncture for Inmune-mediated Diseases (Small Animals) Dr. Shen Xie
 6 - 7 Clinical Applications of TCMV (Small Animals)Dr. Tiffany Rimar
 8 Introduction to Tui-na (Small Aniamls) Dr. Cindy West
9 Liver Physiology and PathologyDr. Shen Xie
10 Lung Physiology and PathologyDr. Shen Xie
11 Spleen Physiology and PathologyDr. Shen Xie
12 Heart Physiology and PathologyDr. Shen Xie
13 Kidney Physiology and PathologyDr. Shen Xie
14 TCVM Overview Dr. Shen Xie
15 How to Sell TCVM Dr. Shen Xie 
16 Introduction to Tui-naDr. Jhon Langlois 
17 Intoduction to Food Therapy in Horses (Equine)Dr. Margaret Fowler
18How to Treat Reproductive Disorders (Equine)Dr. Carla Pasteur
19 Acunpuncture for Bovines, Caprines and Camelids Dr. Shen Xie

Session 5 ON-site: from thursday november 5th to saturday 7th

 8:30 to 9:00Registration Tai-jiTai-ji
9:00 to 11:00 A Quick Review from Sessions 1 to 5, tutoring Horse Lab: Review point location at horse barn    FINAL
11:00 to 11:30Coffee Break Coffee Break     TEST
11:30-13:30Review from 1 to 5, tutoringHorse Lab: Review point location at horse barn    EXAM
 13:30-15:00Lunch BreakLunch Break14:00 SESSION ENDS
15:00 to 19:00Review Lab point location with dogsLab Exams: Horses and Dogs