advanced TCVM Online seminars

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to enroll in these online seminars?

Since they are meant for acupuncture practitioners, applicants need to have at least participated in the first session of the Basic Acupuncture Course at the Chi Institute of Europe or any recognized institution. 

2. What's the format of the online lectures?  How can I access them?

After you register, you will receive instructions for accessing the online lectures via email. You will also receive a PDF file of lecture slides with which you can take notes and follow along.

3. If I take the seminars, how many hours count toward the CVA internship required hours?

Each seminar is comprised of lectures that last about 3 hours in total. You can get a minimum of 3 hours by enrolling to one seminar and a maximum of 6. In case you enroll to another online seminar or course, you can validate up to 15 hours, the remaining 15 hours need to be done in an on-site course or by shadowing a certified acupuncturist.