advanced tcvm seminars



The Advanced TCVM Seminars are online sessions intended to veterinary acupuncturists who want to refine their techniques and deepen their knowledge in Electro acupuncture and Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis. It is presented in online streaming sessions of about 1 hour each. The lectures cover treatment for both small animals and horses. 

Electro Acupuncture

Electro Acupuncture (EACP) is a technique or modality fo acupuncture application. Relatively modern, this technique is widely developed in countries like the United States or China.

EACP seminar of three hours, is an introduction to the use of electro acupuncture machine as an analgesic/anesthesic device in common surgeries. We are able to control pain after surgeries through electro acupuncture.

tongue and pulse diagnosis

These tools are essential to identify a pattern according to TCVM. A detailed examination of the tongue and the pulse give useful information of the condition of the patient and therefore, it derives to a diagnosis and the corresponding treatment.

online seminar Features

  • 3 hours of lectures available for 24/7 on-demand streaming for 1 month. (Each one)

  • Answer questions about the use of EACP  practice or Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis in TCVM.

  • Strengthen and share knowledge about veterinary EA and Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis.

  • Integrate and mantain active high quailty TCVM training.


  • Presentation of real cases treated with EACP and the use of Tongue and Pulse to diagnose patients.

  • Binder of class notes sent bye email.
  • The hours taken in these seminars count as internship hours in order to obtain Veterinary Acupuncturist Certification (CVA). 3 hours each seminar, 6 hours taking both maximum.


Students wishing to enroll in the Advanced TCVM Seminars must have basic knowledge of TCVM, and must fulfill one of the following two requirements:

  • Completion of at least one session of veterinary acupuncture at Chi or another accredited institution.


    *Access is given only to students that have received confirmation of enrollment. 

    Students learn how to use EACP to treat different cases.

    Students learn how to use EACP to treat different cases.

    Tongue and Pulse is key to make a TCVM Diagnosis

    Tongue and Pulse is key to make a TCVM Diagnosis