Certified Veterinary Balance Method Acupuncture in ENGLISH


Certified Veterinary Balance Method Acupuncture in English

Taught by Dr. Antonio Alfaro DVM, MSc, CVA, CTCVMP, CBMSLP

It is official, next year we will offer it!

We are still working on the details, but most likely we will start in Spring 2019 (around March or May). The course is comprised of 4 sessions: 2 online and 2 onsite. The course goals are the following:

  • Learn Three-Step Strategy to immediately and effectively treat all localized symptoms such as pain, numbness, stiffness, tingling or burning sensations, etc.

  • Understand several of the Masters famous 6 systems of balancing for external and internal disorders.

  • Learn how to Balance for Internal Disorders such as genitourinary, gastrointestinal, endocrine, 5 sense organs, and more using Ba Gua, hexagram Meridian Conversion.

  • Learn how to balance when a whole Meridian or several Meridians are affected or what to do when the case is so complicated using only 4, 8 or 12 needles.

More information will be available soon, be aware!

Lorena Lloret