Course Syllabus

The Mixed Practice Acupuncture Course is divided into five sessions (two online and three on-site).  Online sessions are available for on-demand streaming for about a two-month period.  On-site sessions are held on the Chi Campus in Florida. During on-site sessions, Mixed Practice students attend Equine classes, and then watch the Small Animal portion of the lectures online.  The course spans over a seven-month period.  Please go to Schedule and Tuition to view specific course dates.

A general session overview is provided below: 

Session 1 online

 1Course Introduction and History of Veterinary AcupunctureDr. Shen Xie
 2What is Acupuncture?Dr. Shen Xie
 3-4Veterinary Acupuncture: Scientific Basis (Parts 1 & 2)Dr. Roger Clemmons
 5Yin-YangDr. Cheryl Chrisman
 6Eight PrinciplesDr. Cheryl Chrisman
7-8Five ElementsDr. Cheryl Chrisman
9-10Zang-Fu PhysiologyDr. Roger Clemmons
11-12Channels and MeridiansDr. Shen Xie
13-16General Rules of AcupunctureDr. Shen Xie 
17-18Indications for Veterinary AcupunctureDr. Shen Xie 
19How to Start your Acupuncture Practice: Cookbook (Equine)Dr. Carla Pasteur
20How to Integrate Acupuncture into your Practice (Equine)Dr. Carla Pasteur
19AHow to Start your Acupuncture Practice: Cookbook (Small Animal)Dr. Greg Todd
20AHow to Integrate Acupuncture into Your Practice (Small Animal)Dr. Greg Todd

Session 2 onsite